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Black and White (Moriarty x Reader)
The day you had first met Richard Brook had not been a strange one. You had gone to the park as per usual while your flatmate was at her work. It wasn't a terribly crowded place; often, you could find an isolated spot beneath an old oak tree that provided you with a gracious view of the small lake in the center. It was here you would often do the brute of your work, the sounds of songbirds' melodies, yapping dogs, and the playful cries of young children pleasant towards your ears.
Unbeknownst to you, he had seen you many a time before. He had found you an interesting creature to observe. He could sense that though you considered yourself no different than the multitude of other people around you, you were. You were not privy to the same false priorities that others were, and you were not as selfish or boastful as others.
He thought you would make a wonderful playmate for him. With all your tenerity and sense of goodwill, such a contrast to his own amorality and discontent with t
:iconcanidserpent:CanidSerpent 92 19
My Baby Clint x Reader
   It was just another average day at the Stark tower and Tony was not eavesdropping, he merely decided to take a break from walking in front of your door and just had to rest his head on your door.
“Are you hungry my little Clint-y poo?” You voice was only slightly muffled by the door and Tony’s eyes widened at Clint’s tolerance of the horrible pet name. If only he could hear Clint’s responses, but the darn man talked just way to low.
“You are just too adorable, you know that right?”
     Tony’s eyes rolled at the mushiness, he had come for blackmail material, since you somehow managed to seduce JARVIS into protecting your privacy.
“You are so soft too, it’s awesome.”
      Tony scoffed at your blatant lie, master assassins weren’t soft. He would have to show you the real definition of soft later.
“I know you don’t like being tied to the bed, my po
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 260 61
Our Baby Clint x pregnant reader
“Clint, we need to talk.” You declared while you bounded into Tony’s workshop. Clint foolishly turned his back to Tony; who was fiddling with a weapon of some sort.
“What is it?” He asked with a hint of worry as he wrapped his arms around your waist once you reached him. Tony glanced up from his tinkering only briefly, but judging by the smile on your face the news was good so he continued to ignore the both of you.
“I’m pregnant!” You squealed gleefully with a gleam in your (e/c) eyes. You pulled out of Clint’s to do a ballerina twirl.
“No way.” Clint couldn’t help but grin like a fool as he soaked in the news. Suddenly his face went slack and he collapsed onto the floor.
“Sorry.” Tony apologized as he slowly placed the small gun looking weapon back on the table. You glared at him before you crouched down and plucked the dart from the back of Clint’s neck.
“You’re carrying him to bed.
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 399 42
Chekov x Reader: Regulations
You smiled sleepily when you woke up in your bed, still wrapped in a certain someone’s warm arms. You looked at your clock and sighed when you saw that there was less than thirty minutes until your shift started in the Med Bay. You felt the person holding you stir and heard him yawn, squeezing his arms around your waist a bit tighter for a moment.
“Доброе утро,” (Good morning), said the sleepy voice. You chuckled and turned over so that you were facing him.
“Pavel, English, and good morning to you too,” you said softly, leaning up to press a quick kiss to his lips.
“Нет (No), it iz too early for English,” he yawned, burying his face in your neck, kissing your collarbone, and sighing, “How long do we haff until our shifts’ start?”
“We have about half an hour,” you murmured, (e/c) eyes beginning to close again. He hummed again
:iconvivivangogh:ViviVanGogh 224 15
Decisions, Decisions [Chekov x Reader]
           You stilled, frozen in shock at being ranted to by an angry stranger, but when your eyes opened to a fuzzy purple light and wrinkled fabric it occurred to you that you were nestled under the covers, completely hidden away. Two heavily-accented voices bickered about the stolen scotch, and you tried very hard to breathe as quietly as possible.
           “Okey, okey, I understand. Could you plees leave now, Meester Scott?”
           “Why the bloody hell would I do tha’? S’my room, too!”
           “Just please! Fiwe meenutes!”
           “I feckin’ swear, Chekov,” she Scottish voice sighed, fading. The door closed and the covers flew back, allowing you cool, fresh air. You sat up, quickly pulling the sheets up over your bare chest, and looked upon the gently smili
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 72 23
Clumsy Acquaintance [Chekov x Reader]
Fortunate enough to have a wealthy and friendly classmate in your graduating class of 2261, you were now spending your grad night on Rigel II, an M-class planet in the Kandari sector of the Alpha Quadrant and notorious for its reminiscence of 21st-century Vegas, Navada back home on Earth.
The Cabaret, a popular club, was currently occupied by some 130 new graduates, among which was you. Jack and Sylar had demanded you accompany them, and since they were your only friends on this outing, you had agreed.
It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the atmosphere; the loud, fried electronic music, the scantily dressed men and women performing, eager dancers rubbing up against one another on the dance floor, it was kind of fun. In fact, your eyes were currently fixed on a curvy, copper-toned woman displaying her wanton flexibility against a very lucky pole. The thing is, it was nice to look at, but it really wasn’t your scene. And neither did it appear to be that of an uncomfo
:iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 188 94
'More Than Space' Kirk/Reader
Captain Kirk had been the one to initiate the Christmas decorating on the Enterprise. He had set up a few mistletoe here and there, a few strings of lights around some rec rooms, and he had managed to decorate Bones’ office with a small blow up snowman. Bones wasn’t exactly happy with the snowman. Overall, the ship felt like Christmas because of Jim.
You had always felt very festive this time of year and loved setting up just as much as the actual holiday. Jim had asked you to tag along because he knew you loved decorating. He had become one of your closest friends over the years, even though you couldn’t stand him at first. You’d cover for him and make excuses when Bones would ask where he was and he was hungover.
Jim didn’t exactly ask you to tag along, he just told you to come with him, using his “I’m the captain” excuse. He yanked you through a few hallways, glancing back every now and then with a huge grin and his bright blue eyes th
:iconhewasnumber1:hewasnumber1 140 8
Scars *Trigger Warning*
Sometimes this just seems like the best option. Tomorrow you would wake up, feel slightly better, and walk happily out of your room and down to your first shift at Sickbay. However, that was tomorrow, and today you wanted nothing more than this. You bled out into the sink and thought nothing else but ‘I deserve this.’ You stood there, your knees weak and face stained with tears. It had just been too much lately. You were sick of being not good enough, but there was nothing to do about it.
There were three firm knocks on the door to your room, startling you out of your thoughts. You could tell it was Bones just by the fact that he chose to knock instead of ring. It was something small about him that you always noticed. You couldn’t answer, though, and hoped that he would walk away and come back later. Nevertheless, it is Bones you were thinking about, and he would never walk away if he thought you were in trouble.
Bones had practically looked
:iconhewasnumber1:hewasnumber1 143 10
It's a rat Clint x Reader
    It was a peaceful Saturday morning and your faithful husband slept soundly in the bedroom, until you ear piercing shrieks filled the air. Clint’s eyes snapped open and within seconds his loaded bow was in his hands as he headed for your location.
“What’s wrong?” He nearly shouted as his wide eyes swept over the room. When he found nothing he diverted his gaze to your trembling form in search of wounds. You stood on top of the kitchen table, your horror struck eyes flickered between your left leg and the far corner of the room. Clint placed his hand on your leg to try and jumpstart you after he checked the room once again.
“It was a rat, a big fat rat! Ugh, it was crawling on my leg and wouldn’t let go!”
     Clint sighed once before bending down and picking up one of the biscuits that littered the floor. His aim followed your gaze and with a small flick of his wrist the piece of bread flew through the air.
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 311 29
70years ago and today by cooru58 70years ago and today :iconcooru58:cooru58 4,416 136 the avengers by dogsup the avengers :icondogsup:dogsup 2,222 59 Avengers : Just Chillin by blamedorange Avengers : Just Chillin :iconblamedorange:blamedorange 1,759 102 Avengers: The one about shawarma by Phageous Avengers: The one about shawarma :iconphageous:Phageous 1,970 224 SCIENCE BROS by ecokitty SCIENCE BROS :iconecokitty:ecokitty 1,111 46 CaptCoulson by ParallelPIE CaptCoulson :iconparallelpie:ParallelPIE 936 68 Science Bros Tales 1 by AiWa-sensei Science Bros Tales 1 :iconaiwa-sensei:AiWa-sensei 1,434 117



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-I swear. I've just been really busy with life (and the dread new term of school). It sucks, like, a lot. But I am coming out of my turtle shell more. And I'm getting a lot of reading done.
But sadly, not much art. I'll be lucky if I get my inspiration back. :l

And I found out yesterday that I might be anemic. :iconotlplz: So that might be contributing to my lack of inspiration. But it's all good, I got this. -shot-

I just made a pointless journal to prove I'm not dead. I'm so pathetic.
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